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I’m a Canadian born and raised, and a technician with over 10 years experience working on electronics. I service Edmonton and Area directly and offer mail in repairs as well as part sales through my ecommerce store. If you are located in Edmonton and want help with your computer or smartphone just click “Contact us” or if you want to give us even more details “Request a Repair” helps me provide a faster and more accurate quote.

I stream my repairs on my Twitch, YouTube, Trovo and Facebook Channels so you can watch the repair live from the comfort of your home or office. I often upload edited videos of the repairs to my YouTube Channel, especially if it is a new repair I haven’t yet made a video for.

I do this tech work because society is wasteful and repairing instead of throwing away is better for your wallet, and the environment. If you can repair your device yourself, then I encourage you to. But if you want a pro, then I’m your man!

Watch your Repair Streamed LIVE on Twitch

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“I got started into brain nutrition to improve my e-sports performance. In my name the ‘hippie’ also means health, while ‘tech’ literally means technology. In other words ‘HippieTech’ is the technology of health and inversely the health aspects of technology. It’s a health first focus on the technology we use daily. Nutrition is a vital and often neglected part of esports and gaming; a malady which I aim to remedy with HippieTech”