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Vitamin D3 and K2 Benefits
September 5, 2022

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6 Powerful Herbs for Candida Overgrowth
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Vitamin K2 Benefits and Side Effects | A Comprehensive Analysis of Vitamin K2
August 21, 2022

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What is ivermectin?
April 30, 2021

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Zinc Benefits
March 23, 2021

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Chemicals In Cleaners
December 25, 2020

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Different methods for getting your female cat or dog spayed
December 16, 2020

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What RAM is compatible with my motherboard ?
December 15, 2020

You have a motherboard, now you want to know what RAM aka Memory, is compatible with your motherboard. There are different generations of RAM, and different motherboards,…Read more

You can buy online I accept credit card payments with square. this website is fully https SSL secured. Orders are safely packed in packages and shipped out next day via Canada Post shipping.

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payments by square
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I recycle because I care, as in I give a damn about the environment. Allot of people don't though. I'm religious about recycling everything possible. I wait hours in line at the eco station, to recycle every battery, piece of plastic, computer part, etc. I reuse shipping materials, buy as much stuff as I possible can second hand, avoid plastic whenever possible and drive an electric scooter when I can. If you care about the environment as much as I do, support me by buying my services and I promise to be the best recycling environmentally friendly repair store in Edmonton.


I don't know about you but I strongly believe in shopping local and supporting Canadian business. I specifically look for parts and tools made in Canada or at least north america. I hardly ever ship overseas because I buy most of my stuff second hand off local people on Kijiji or eBay from Canadian sellers only and search out Canadian products in my personal life. I order Canadian brand vitamins, Canadian grown catnip, and goodness knows what else. I'm pretty sure it's called Canadian pride. Allot of business say "Canadian store" but half their stuff in made in least I buy second hand and local as often as possible. Support me so I can expand and manufacture some parts in here in Canada! If everyone searched out Canadian brands like I do it would help our country immensly.

Screen Repair
  • Broken Laptop Screens
  • LCD & glass repair
  • Hinges, top housing and bezel repair
  • iMac & Macbook screen repair
  • iPhone, iPod & iPad screen repair.
Battery Repair
  • Smartphone & Laptop battery repair
  • Wont charge or won't hold a charge
  • Battery draining to fast
  • High quality USA made batteries
  • High capacity batteries as good or better than the original.
Budget Gaming PCs
  • I specialize in building low cost budget gaming computers. I source parts locally & online to find you deals
  • Play the latest games in 1080p with high frame rates
  • Fraction of the price of a store gaming computer
  • New or Refurbished and fully tested.
Power Supply Test

I have specialized hardware to test desktop computer (not laptops) PSU (Power supply units) to see if your power problems are caused by a failing or defective power supply. Just bring in your power supply or desktop computer and i'll test it for you.

Hard Drive Test

I have specialized software to test HDD Hard Drives and SSD Solid State Drives comprehensively. See the current health and lifespan of your HDD or SSD & Find out if your computer glitches are a result of a failing drive. Then if your drive is failing i'll backup your data before any data is lost.

RAM (Memory) Test

I have specialized software to test Desktop RAM and laptop RAM (Random access memory) for errors or glitches. See if your computer glitches are caused by failing RAM! or Upgrade your RAM to boost your computers preformance at low cost.

I specialize in software repairs and hardware upgrades on older Macbooks, iMacs and high end gaming computers.

Windows 10
  • Cheap Windows 10 Licences
  • Installation of Windows 7 or 10
  • Cleaning and optimizing Windows 10
  • Windows 10 security, data recovery, virus clean, and anonymity (VPN) services.
Mac OS X
  • Upgrade OS X easily with my Bootable USB Installers
  • El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave Catalina
  • Mac hardrive repair & SSD Upgrades
  • Migrate data to your new system
  • Install Linux OS ubuntu, mint & more with desktops just like windows.
  • Linux is free & great for older computers because it uses less resources
  • Set up Linux VPS w/ secure ssh tunnels and security features.
Other Repairs
Virus Scan
  • There are 5 kind of computer infections and I run comprehensive scans for all of them 1) virus 2) malware 3) adware 4) spyware 5) rootkit
  • Windows & macbook anti-virus scans
  • Free 15-day trial of the best anti-virus software on the planet
Smartphone & Tablet Repairs

iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Microsoft & many other models of Smartphones and Tablets can be repaired. From screen repairs, to battery replacement & even liquid damage repair. Break your phone and replaced it but you still need to recover your data? Give me a call 🙂

RAM & SSD Upgrades

Speed up your computer 300%-500% with an affordable RAM or SSD upgrade and turn an old pc as fast as the new ones in the store! Get a detailed report on what bottleneck is slowing your computer and what you can do about it.

So how does it work? There are 3 Options...

Bring in Parts


You can bring in the parts with your device and I can repair it or if its just software, only bring your device. Turnaround is usually much quicker and I only charge for labor.

I order parts


Just bring in your device, i'll diagnose if required & order the correct parts for you. Usually takes longer and you pay for parts + labor.

Buy my parts


Sometimes I have SSDs, RAM or batteries on hand. Some parts I have trusted suppliers I can order from for more then affordable prices. Just call with your full model ready and i'll quote you the price + shipping time.

Top 5 Favorite Software

to make your life easier (because that's what software should do)


  • Toronto, Canada Company
  • Multiple anti-virus & security awards.
  • Top 5 best anti-virus worldwide!
  • Mac, Linux & Windows Compatible
  • Extremely user friendly (easy to use)
  • Parental controls
  • Anti-theft, anti-virus, anti-spyware
  • Artificial intelligence learning firewall
  • multi-language support
  • low computer resource use (doesn't slow your computer at all)

Cloud Storage

  • Swiss based privacy-focused company
  • 14-day FREE Trial
  • Mac, Linux & Windows Compatible
  • iOS & android app to backup phone pics and view files
  • Sync documents, pictures accross multiple computers easily
  • affordable annual & lifetime 500GB or 2TB subscriptions
  • cheaper then buying a hard drive
  • See more or download now

Online Payments

  • I use Koho creditcard for all my eBay, amazon & online purchases
  • Zero Cost, Zero Fees, 1% cash back
  • No credit check. Everyone approved!
  • Reloadable! Better than gift credit cards. No more unspent balances!
  • iOS & android app to track spending, balances and cash back
  • Works everywhere visa works
  • E-transfer to koho & spend in minutes
  • Get Koho reloadable credit card

Online Banking

  • Absolutely $0 monthly fees
  • No subscription fees, membership fees or minimum balance
  • Canadian Bank
  • Fast & FREE Interact e-transfers
  • iOS & Android app for on-the-go banking
  • Sign up using HippieTech referral code 46408737S1 and get $50 FREE for depositing $250 on your first deposit!
  • Withdraw or deposit at any scotiabank ATM & Great phone support
  • Great for tech savvy people who like to save money

Password Manager

bigwarden password manager
  • One password stores all your other passwords
  • Open source & completely FREE
  • Stored on encrypted secure bitcloud
  • Automatically fills username & password on any website.
  • iOS & android app lets you access your passwords using your phone
  • Securely store encrypted private notes write anything private you want!
  • Windows, Mac & Linux desktop client
  • Chrome, Internet Explorer & mozilla browser plug-ins
  • Stop forgetting passwords, using weak or duplicate passwords!

Garbage Cleaner

  • I've personally been using this for years on thousands of computers
  • One click clean of all the garbage your computer accumulates automatically over time
  • So easy to use a baby could use it
  • Completely FREE to use forever or upgrade to pro version if you like it
  • Safe to use unlike allot of other programs out there can can delete important files or cause issues
  • Windows Vista/7/10 Compatible
  • Microsoft certified partner
  • Keeps your computer in tip-top shape with a regular maintenance schedule
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