Month: December 2020

Chemicals In Cleaners

There are many toxic chemicals found in cleaners and other household products. In fact the United Nations Environmental Programme estimates that approximately 70,000 chemicals are in common use across the world, with 1,000 new chemicals being introduced every year. You come into contact with dozens of these chemicals in a daily basis, with many household […]

Different methods for getting your female cat or dog spayed

There are different ways to get a female cat or dog spayed, and Europe prefers one method, while North America (Canada and the USA) prefer another. One method can cause more problems for your female companion then the other. So what are the different methods for getting your female dog and female cat spayed? and […]

Best Cheap Gaming PC 2021

Building a cheap gaming PC doesn’t have to break the bank! With thousands of hardware options out there it can be hard to find a budget gaming PC that will play the games you want it to with the performance that you want, with a price tag that you can afford. This guide will show […]

Coronavirus vaccine | covid vaccine Information

With the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an unprecedented race, to create a viable vaccine. The US Government alone has spent over $9,000,000,000 (9 Billion USD) on R&D for a covid-19 vaccine, Canada has also spent billions, and tens of billions more has been spent worldwide to create a covid vaccine. In […]

Weight-loss Smoothie | Vegetarian Smoothie Recipe

Integrate this cheap 10 minute vegetarian weight-loss smoothie into your daily regime, either as a meal replacement or between meals. The addition of different herbs in every smoothie, positively benefit: energy levels, sleep, depression, stress, digestion, cognitive health, immune system strength, intestinal and gut-microbiome, metabolism, thyroid and more depending on what combination of herbs are […]

Vegetarian snack | Popcorn with coconut oil and Herbs

Air popped popcorn with organic coconut oil and herb topping. Cheap and Quick to make! A SUPER FILLING healthy, delicious and nutritious organic vegetarian snack. A great weight-loss snack or body-cleanse snack. One of the keys to Adopting a Vegan diet or reaching your weight-loss goals is replacing your unhealthy snacks with healthy alternatives, that […]

Apple quality problems | The decline of Apple quality

Having repaired Apple devices since 2012, operating out of my own Shop in Canada. I have acquired an extensive base of knowledge to speak from. As a technician, I have seen the progression of Apple devices since the release of the iPhone 4, more intimately then the general population, and have witnessed first hand Apple […]

Important Vitamins for Vegans and Vegetarians | Top 5

A list of Important Vitamins for Vegans. My top 5 Vitamins for Vegans and Vegetarians and links to the vegan supplements I use daily. Written by a 5 Year Vegan Vitamin B12 Omega Essential Fatty Acids | Omega 3-6-9 Calcium (Take with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2) Probiotics Vitamin D with […]

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