About Hippie Tech

I started Hippie Tech with the intention of it simply being a portal for my tech business. After the closure of my store, and the death of my beloved dog Sabre, my focus shifted to helping others with my god given brain through written articles, supporting animal rescue charity, and becoming an activist for constitutional rights, all to make the world a better place.

Hippie Tech supports these values and principles:

(1) Veganism - Showing compassion for all animals, not just cats and dogs, by refusing to consume their meat, wear their body parts for decoration, or participate in their use for entertainment.

(2) Minimalism - Our lives are but a brief flicker of light, which burns bright, then is extinguished. Letting go of materialistic possessions frees your spirit, reduces anxiety, helps the environment, and allows you to get more in touch with your spirit.

(3) Activism - History will caution us to stand up for our constitutional rights, lest they be taken away from us under our very noses, by those who have forgotten they are servants of the people, not lords over them. It is our duty to stand up for our rights, help our country develop structure that represents our values, that cares for and treats all equally, and that ultimately has the best interests of the people at the forefront of all things.



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About Me

Hey my names JD! I'm a bit of a hippie and allot of a tech! I'm a minimalist, vegan, animal loving online activist, that lives in a camper trailer and owns very little. I study and write articles on my blog about nutrition to bring awareness to, and help people improve their health. I care more about the wellbeing of others (people and animals), than I do about profit. my mission in life is to lessen the suffering of others, even if that means passing up on driving a fancy car or living in a giant house.

My tech history

I ran my own electronics store for a few years, preformed thousands of repairs on every type of electronic known to man. Made a name for myself preforming high quality repairs for a clientele that didn't seem to care about quality and just wanted a fast job done cheap. Laptops were stolen in front of my eyes, my life was threatened over $20 fees, and finally I closed my store after a break-in theft of display cases filled with electronics. Now I operate at my family home fixing the odd computer here and there. Why continue? I spent too many years learning to fix electronics. I used to have this saying and I was hardly ever wrong...
"If it was repaired elsewhere there's a 90% chance there's something wrong with it"-JD

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