HippieTech Custom Gamer Computers

I assemble custom build computers using my knowledge of hardware to make the best budget gaming builds for Edmonton gamers.

Each build uses a brand new case, motherboard (sometimes CPU) and ssd (the case so it looks good, the ssd because they should always be new, and the motherboard to ensure it lasts a long time). I may hunt deals on CPUs, power supplies, video cards and memory to keep build prices down. Parts are thoroughly tested.

I am very particular on ensuring only the highest quality parts are used, that each build will perform well and last a long time, that each build looks as perfect as it can with attention to cable management and only high grade thermal paste used.

All builds and hardware includes a 6 month warranty against defects, and 1x FREE Maintenance ($100 value) on the house.

I make very little on each build because how how low I price them, usually at or below the retail cost of parts.

I don't build computers...I build art"--Hippietech

Gaming has brought me allot of enjoyment over the years and will always hold a place close to my heart:

a) Affordable for Gamers! I believe everyone should be able to afford a good gaming computer to enjoy gaming as much as I do! without getting scammed by some nefarious person or builder that doesn't know what they are doing

b) Local & Refurb. Help to support my local economy and good for the environment by re-using and refurbishing perfectly good parts.

I keep 1 of each build on-hand at all times in the box ready to go, no waiting. Just use the contact form on the main page, send me your address and i'll deliver it to your doorstep same day.

Super Budget

Fractal Design Core 1000 Case

MSI H310M Pro-VDH Plus

Intel i3 9100F 9th Gen 4-Core CPU

8GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM


4GB GDDR5 Nvidia GPU

DeepCool Gammax 200T CPU Cooler

3X 120MM Fans

500Watt Semi-Modular PSU



Thermaltake S100 Tempered Glass

Asus PRIME B365M-A

Intel i5 9400F 9th Gen 6-Core CPU

16GB DDR4 3000MHz RAM


4GB GDDR5 Nvidia GPU

DeepCool Gammax GT LED CPU Cooler

3X DeepCool RGB 120MM LED Fans

750Watt Semi-Modular PSU


High End

Thermaltake Core G21 T6 Dual Tempered Glass

Asus PRIME Z390

Intel i7 9700F 9th Gen 8-Core CPU

32GB DDR4 3000MHz RAM

1000GB Samsung M.2 PCIE x4 SSD

8GB GDDR6 Nvidia GPU

Cooler Master MasterAir aRGB CPU Cooler

3X Thermaltake aRGB 120MM LED Fans

1050Watt Thermaltake Modular PSU


Keep in mind the super budget build will play any new game on med to med-high settings no problem, the mid-range will play any new game on high settings with high fps, and the high-end quite frankly is pretty much overkill for any game on ultra high settings with ray tracing, etc and you can't really get any faster then that.