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Types of Milk Pasteurization

Types of Milk Pasteurization types of milk pasteurization - htst pasteurization - high temperature short time pasteurization - ultra high temperature UHT pasteurization - pasteurization process

The pasteurization process was initially developed by Louis (yes you guessed it) Pasteur, a French scientist, in the 19th century (well developed in 1862 but applied commercially in the 19th century). Up until then and since humans first began domesticating animals, people consumed raw milk directly from the cow, sheep or goat. Pasteurization was developed as a method to kill harmful bacteria in milk, which can lead to serious health issues such as food poisoning (even though only a handful of deaths have been recorded).

Health Benefits of Raw Milk

Health Benefits of Raw Milk raw milk benefits - raw milk health benefits - benefits of drinking raw milk

Raw milk is an amazing complex whole food with antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic mechanisms bundled together that give raw milk health benefits surpassing any other superfood. Raw milk is packed with fat and water-soluble vitamins, numerous minerals and trace elements, all of the essential amino acids, over 60 enzymes and CLA – an omega-6 fatty […]

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