Organizations I Donate To

I take a good amount of what I earn and donate it to various organizations and people. Some money goes to twitch streamers who live off full time streaming, animal rescue organizations, healthy gifts for other people, donations to buskers and homeless that I come across on the streets of my city.

"If I can lessen the suffering of people and animals around the world, then I've done something meaningful with my life"

Save A Life Canada is a global foster based animal rescue located in Nova Scotia, Canada and our dogs are adopted out all throughout NS, NB, and PEI areas. you can Donate Here or order off their Amazon Wishlist to support them.

The Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society (GEARS) was formed in 2013 to help injured, abandoned, unwanted, and homeless animals in the Edmonton area. GEARS is a non-profit organization that relies on a network of volunteers and foster homes working together to give companion animals a second chance at their forever family. You can Donate Here or order off their Amazon Wishlist to support them. You can also apply to be a foster, volunteer or sponsor an animal.

Bitchute is a video sharing social media platform similar to YouTube. However bitchute doesn't censor like YouTube does. I support bitchute with a monthly subscription, because it promotes free speech...It's absolutely unacceptable for this media platforms to censor legitimate videos because they don't agree with them. You can become a Bitchute Subscriber for $5 or more per month or Donate Here.

There's allot of men that don't fit into the conventional manly man stereotype. There's a stigma around being manly and showing compassion, crying, and speaking out about being abused. I think it's important especially in this day and age for men to have an organization that speaks out on their behalf, and gives them a refuge to receive help & support. You can support them here on subscribestar for $5,  since paypal DE-platformed them from receiving payments.

Elderdog Canada helps seniors care for their dogs, supports older dogs who may be sick, and helps relocate older dogs whos human companion has passed away. You can Donate Here via online payment, e-transfer or cheque.

This is something close to my heart. My dog Sabre died and I remember us taking him to the vet for cremation, but them refusing to help or allow us to make payments because we were short on cash. I remember thinking then it was wrong and loading his dead body back into the van was the hardest thing I've ever done. If I could start a free crematorium I would, but at least now I can afford to offer small donations.

Based in Udaipur, India, AAU helps thousands of ownerless street animals who are ill or injured. You can find out more About AAU )they have some very lovely pictures of the people who work there. India has allot of poverty, and animals are no exception. I think its great that this non-profit can give meaningful work and pay to very poor people and help very sick animals. You can Donate to AAU Here as a monthly or one time donation.