HippieTech Canada

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Fast Shipping

Orders are prepared and dropped off at the post office within 24hrs. We ship expedited with Canada post, from Alberta, so your order gets to your doorstep, just as fast as amazon!

No Handling Fee

Unlike other stores we don't charge a handling fee! You only pay what Canada post charges us for shipping. Prices are pulled directly from the Canada post website.

100% Canadian

By shopping with us you support a small family owned business in Alberta Canada which helps provide jobs for Canadians. Shop local and support Canadian businesses.

Eco Friendly Packaging

We recycle and re-use for most of our shipping materials, otherwise all orders are shipping in minimal eco-friendly cardboard or paper packaging.

Environmentally Friendly

We try and source some of the electricity to run HippieTech from solar farms. We religiously recycle everything, and drop off used electronics or chemicals at a local eco-station.

“”I got started into brain nutrition to improve my e-sports performance. In my name the ‘hippie’ also means health, while ‘tech’ literally means technology. In other words ‘HippieTech’ is the technology of health and inversely the health aspects of technology. It’s a health first focus on the technology we use daily. Nutrition is a vital and often neglected part of esports and gaming; a malady which I aim to remedy with HippieTech”


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